Stainless Steel Channels; Sizes and Types Matter

What exactly are stainless steel channels and what are they used for?

Stainless steel channels are sections of metal used in commercial applications that require a lot of strength, resistant to corrosion, to be tough, and have the easy cleaning ability of stainless steel. While channels are used in industry and commerce applications, they also can be used in building equipment and machinery. The nice thing about using steel is that the channels can be created from steel scraps, and can be recycled into new channels after being used in other applications; which allows channels to be created faster and cheaper than other methods.

Stainless steel channels are usually colored dull grey and have a rough texture to them. They come in a variety of sizes, and some companies will even customize sizes of channels to fit a customer’s needs. There are two different ways channels are formed, and they are the hot rolled execution, which has rounded flanges and there is the laser fused channels which have parallel edges to them.
steel c channels
Sizes in channels usually come in 304/304L sizes and 316/316L sizes, unless a company is willing to customize an order. The 304/304L size is used in a variety of industries requiring structural support. The finish on a stainless steel channel can be good for companies that are medical, used for pharmaceutical purposes or food. It can handle uses dealing in both freezing and hot temperatures; can be used for chemical, waste management, and petrochemical purposes. The uses for 304/304L are varied like using these channels in tanks, housing, used as support equipment and enclosures.

In the 316/316L size, the 316 has a higher nickel and molybdenum than the 304, as it is used for things that can cause surface pitting and vast corrosion, plus is machinable, tough, and high in strength. The 316 stainless steel channel can handle such corrosive materials as waste water, marine, acid, chemical and petrochemical, as well as salt water. The 316 is used in such applications as raceways, braces, structural supports, and frames for raceways for certain equipment, tank supports and machinery, as well as housings and enclosures.

Some sites offer standard stainless steel channels and others have hot rolled bar channels, hot rolled and laser infused miscellaneous channels, and laser infused and hot rolled standard channels. Depending on what part of the globe a company is located determines whether or not imperial sized channels are used or metric sized. There are a variety of companies that can be found online that deal with a standard stainless steel channel or companies that do more of a special order.

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